Lithuanian Academy of Sciences supports the struggle of the State of Israel and the Jewish people for their right to live and survive

13 10 2023

On 7 October, images from the border between Israel and the Gaza Strip, where Hamas terrorists killed peaceful people, shocked the whole world; they deeply shocked the members of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences.

The Lithuanian Academy of Sciences strongly condemns this unprecedented terrorist attack, based simply on the desire to kill Jews and destroy Israel. We fully support the struggle of the State of Israel and the Jewish people for the right to live and survive. We are convinced that hatred has never solved any problem; on the contrary, hate-fuelled killings of peaceful people based on their nationality will only exacerbate the existing problems.

The Lithuanian people are well aware of what it means to fight and die for their independence, and we are confident that no one can defeat a nation committed to living in a free and independent state. Thus we stand with you, we mourn together the deaths of innocent people, and we wish that peace and victory over terrorism prevail as soon as possible in each of your homes.

Lithuanian Academy of Sciences
12 October 2023

Statement by the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences