Lithuanian Academy of Sciences Supports Ukraine

24 02 2022

Dear Ukrainian scientists, dear Ukrainian people!

In this difficult hour, when the Russian aggressor has attacked your Homeland, we stand with you. Ukraine has a great history, its people are strong, and we have no doubt that they will defend their Homeland.

The Lithuanian Academy of Sciences cannot provide you with physical assistance, but we are ready to help in every other possible way.

We stand with you on the fronts of science and defence. Lithuania has significantly increased its funding for the cooperation between Lithuanian and Ukrainian scientists this year and is planning to do so in the future, which, we hope, will further enhance our ties.

Strength to you and your families! We hope that this madness will end as soon as possible and we will work together to advance science in a peaceful and free world.

Slava Ukraini!

Prof. Jūras Banys                                                                                                   
President of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences