Laureates of Lithuanian Science Prizes 2022 Announced

31 01 2023

On 31 January, the Commission for Lithuanian Science Prizes announced the laureates of these prizes for 2022.

In the field of the humanities, the prize is awarded to Rita Šerpytytė for the cycle of studies ‘Western Nihilism between Diagnosis and Theory (2007–2021)’ (Vilnius University). In the field of the social sciences, the prize goes to Danutė Gailienė for the cycle of studies ‘Psychological Consequences of Historical Traumas and Social Transformations in Lithuania (2007–2021)’ (Vilnius University).

The laureates in the field of the natural sciences are Linas Mažutis for his research cycle ‘Microfluidic Technologies in Single Cell and Biomolecule Research (2007–2021)’ (Vilnius University) and Konstantinas Pileckas for his research cycle ‘Studies into Mathematical Models of Fluid Flow and Their Applications (2007–2021)’ (Vilnius University).

One prize is awarded in the fields of medicine and health sciences and in agricultural sciences. Virginijus Feiza and Dalia Feizienė are awarded the prize for the research cycle ‘Sustainable Management of Agricultural Soils: Scientific and Applied Development (2007–2021)’ (Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry).

In the field of technical sciences, the prize is awarded to Saulius Grigalevičius for the cycle of studies ‘Novel Structure Electro-Active Derivatives for Optoelectronic Technologies (2007–2021)’ (Kaunas University of Technology).

Information of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences