How to apply for short-term visits

The Lithuanian Academy of Sciences (LAS) sees the encouragement of the international contacts as one of its priorities. As of 1 January 2019 the LAS maintains 26 bilateral agreements on sciencific cooperation with foreign partner academies of sciences. (Partner Academies)

Foreign researchers willing to make a short-term visit to Lithuania have to submit an application for a research visit to Lithuania at the International Departments of the academies of sciences in their respective countries. The application documents usually need to include an invitation from a scientific institution in Lithuania. 

Bilateral exchange visits are performed on a cost-sharing basis – the hosting Academy covers the living costs (accomodation and per diem) of visiting scientists nominated by the partner academies in accordance to bilateral Agreements. All other costs (e.g. international travel, etc.) are to be secured from other sources.The Lithuanian Academy of Sciences accepts visits  to all universities and research institutions in Lithuania. The funding for supporting foreign visits is drawn from the budget of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences. 

All Lithuanian scientists are eligible to apply for research visits to the partner academies. They need to submit their applications to the International Relation unit of the LAS: The Application form is available to download here. The proposed visit has to be approved by the LAS and the partner Academy in the host country.